Faux Painting and Decorative Services

Which Faux Painted Look Are You Going For?

CertaPro Painters® offers specialty decorative and faux painting services. Faux painted finishes are decorative techniques that use glaze or paint finishes to create textures, styles and effects that would otherwise necessitate other building materials. For instance, we can replicate the exact look of wood with paint and texturing materials. Rather than spending a fortune on new wooden cabinets in the kitchen, you can just hire us to apply wooden faux finishes for a more affordable price.

CertaPro Painters® can create everything from rough, old-world textures to modern, sleek metallics. Our team will work with you to find the perfect faux finish for your home’s unique style.

A Professional Customer Experience

CertaPro’s painting services include setting up the room by covering the floors with drop cloths and expertly preparing the surfaces by removing any dust or debris. We begin the faux paint application process by applying one or more accent colours over a base coat of the main colour that you have selected. We’ll use texturing tools, such as brushes, rollers, rags and sponges, to get the desired faux finish effect. Once the faux project is completed, we will clean the work area and invite you to inspect our work.

We understand how to make a home look great while staying within budget. We offer professional customized painting services at a reasonable price. Not only are you paying for the highest quality craftsmanship, but you can expect an incredible customer service experience.

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