Exterior Trim Painting for Homes

Painted trim accounts for only a small area of the exterior of your home, but it has a major impact on your home’s overall appearance. With the warmer temperatures and gentle breezes of springtime, now is a great time to give that appearance a boost with CertaPro exterior trim painting services.

But before starting, make sure wood surfaces are carefully inspected for splits and cracks and then have any necessary repairs made. This should be followed by careful surface preparation; sanding, filling, priming and caulking are fundamental to a top-quality paint job.

Now check out these homes to see the dynamite difference fresh trim made – quickly and economically.

Accentuate architectural detail

Accentuate architectural detail.
You don’t have to own a Victorian house to enjoy the beauty of architectural detail. Here, existing decorative brackets, window trim and a shallow recessed panel lend themselves beautifully to a distinctive colour treatment.

Make a “welcoming” change to your front door

Make a “welcoming” change to your front door.
In so many ways, your home’s entrance is a reflection of you … a welcome sign that speaks of the pride you have in your home. Sprucing up that welcome sign is one of the least expensive things you can do to make a really positive difference in your home’s appearance.

Choose a stripe of contrasting colour

Choose a stripe of contrasting colour.
Stripes of green on these staid, square columns instantly lighten the mood while adding dimension and interest. Look for opportunities like this to add a spot of contrasting colour on exterior painted surfaces. It can make a big difference – and it’s fun!

Spruce up your front steps

Spruce up your front steps.
Whether your front steps are concrete or wood, they’ll convey a more welcoming vibe when they’re freshly painted to match your porch floor. Today’s exterior floor paints coat either surface beautifully and hold up well even in the harshest weather.

Add structural features

Add structural features.
Tastefully adding features such as brackets, running trim or dentils (above) can transform a relatively plain house into a stunner. These items are available in a wide range of styles, are easy to install, and open the door to lovely new colour schemes.

For colour ideas to enhance any room in your home, contact your local CertaPro Painters®.