Accent wall painting and multi-color rooms: A good idea again?

Accent wall painting and multi-colour rooms: A good idea again?

Accent walls were not long ago a staple of every home makeover show. A pop of colour on one wall could add interest to simpler rooms without forcing homeowners to commit to colour everywhere. But, with constant repetition on the design shows, accent walls became too much of a good thing and have dropped in popularity in recent years. But there are great reasons to use them! Whether you love or loathe them, here are three winning ways to make use of them.


While most of us think of an accent wall as a bold splash of colour in an otherwise muted room, what these walls ultimately introduce to a room is contrast. While peacock blue or hot pink can certainly accomplish that, so can charcoal against a paler gray. The design objective is to create interest in the room, and playing with highlights and shadows can achieve that. If you want subtlety, work off of the paint card for your wall colour. Just move up or down two spots on the card for a compatible shade. Going bold? Maximize contrast by moving closer to the edges of the colour card for your accent wall painting project.

The open floor plan solution

What’s the biggest colour challenge faced by homeowners with open floorplans? Where to stop with colour. Accent walls offer an excellent solution to this frustration. By selecting an interesting colour that complements the surrounding neutrals and carrying it through the home, it’s possible to add style to the space while unifying it. To simplify the planning, don’t think of this as an accent wall so much as an “accent ribbon” that wraps along one portion of the home. When trying to establish where the colour should begin and end, try to start and stop it on “inside” rather than “outside” corners.


An accent wall can mean more than just contrasting paint. Other popular options include subtle wallpaper with natural colouring such as grasscloth, applied wood paneling, and reclaimed wood boards. Rather than focusing on colour, these surfaces can break up the look of sheetrock and offer some variety. Prior to applying paper or other coverings, your walls will need to be smoothed and primed – talk with your CertaPro representative for information on how to ensure an excellent finished product.

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